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Sonoris DDP Player

We are pleased to offer our customers a DDP reader that you can download directly on this website for free. Sonics Mastering provides you a simple et efficient way to listen files that we are sending to you.

Download the DDP Player to listen to your master and burn directly your CD. A licence key to activate this software will be sent to you via email.

download-sonoris-ddp-player-for-mac download-sonoris-ddp-player-for-windows

This software allow our dear customers to import the DDP image , verify their master and read it as it will be produced by the CD factory. With this DDP Player you can easily verify the fades in, fades out and transitions between each of your titles in the same way as it has been realised at the studio and following your instructions.

You can also verify the cd text metadata, ISRC codes and UPC/EAN code. Sonoris DDP Player allow you to burn an audio master CD with Red Book specifications and to export a DDP image in individual audio files in .wav , aif or Flac.

By using this you can safely approve the final master with complete confidence.

Download the software regarding of your OS by choosing on of the buttons above.

Required Windows Configuration:
Windows 2000 or later

Required Mac Configuration:
Mac OSX 10.4 or later

Intel processors needed to use the burn features