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JUL "Dans ma Paranoia" certified gold record!

Jul - Dans ma paranoïa

Jul from Marseille also called Jul Lacrizeomicmek achieves , in 2014 , the feat of spending from Rap underground to the light of top bestsellers albums. Prior to february 2014 , and the release of his first album , Jul is best known locally and on in the internet . On online video platforms, clips of his songs combine millions of views and his facebook fan page counts more than forty thousand followers.

Martin Mey - Never Go Down

Pochette de Never Go Down - Martin Mey

Martin Mey likes trippy and entrancing musics, the deepness of a piano and the acoustics of a folk guitar... But he is incessantly drawn by his bad acquaintances towards tempestuous horizons, as much by the strength of the rythmics as by the distorsions of the sounds.