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Beatiho is the provencal term used to describe those 'Boxes of Piety' prepared by the contemplative nuns in the covents of Provence in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Their social or religious utilisation was mostly domestic : in the home, they served as a pious support before which one prayed.

Beatiho is also the title of the album recorded by Guylaine Renaud, a southern french singer & ethnoartiste, and Beñat Achiary, a basque soloist and improvisor accompanied on this occasion by Gérard Siracusa on the battery and Dominique Regef on the hardy-gurdy, cello and dilruba.


The Chinese man is proud to present the first official signing of the label, Deluxe! Thanks to their perseverance, their scathing chants and a devastating musical energy, the group knew how to charm the great Chinese master, Chinese Man Records label, who decides to release a first EP and send them touring to spread the Zen spirit to a public ever more numerous!


After the release of their first album 'Racing with the sun' in CD format in April 2011, the Chinese Man is back at work and invites his most talented friends for serious playback of his latest work. The Chinese man offers his disciples an exclusive triple LP vinyl. It's with great pleasure that we find the duo Tha Trickaz for a "heavy" Dubstep version for "truck" of the title 'Miss Chang', the faithful companions of Scratch Bandits Crew in a scratchologic flight of 'Down', while the Deluxe, the latest sign of the label Chinese Man Records, transforms 'Racing with The Sun' in a scathing electrifying funk.

Martin Mey - Get out of my loops - Digital release on 11/11/11

Martin Mey isn't a solitary person, but one of those talented artists who takes the risk to carry us away on a journey of which he is the unique guide. Alone on stage with his piano, his guitare, his voice and his loop machines, Martin is inhabited by his music, entrancing and ethereal, haunting or rythmical, which gets you right there. You are hit by the emotion of his singing, by the intensity of his melodies, inspired by trip hop, folk, with a touch of soul....