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Ba Cissoko - New album January 25

After 10 years on stage Ba Cissoko has travelled the lenght and breadth of all the new World Music scenes, European and other. For this new European tour which begins in February 2012, they have included two supplementary brass instruments and we can bet that the disc made by Philippe Eidel (Khaled, Rachid Taha) will mark a turning point in the career of the group...

Dress Code - Far Away

"Far Away is an appropriate title for this first opus of the Dress Code Quintet. From the first notes, the band creates a wonderful universe of sound which evoques new impressions and visions, in the faraway.

Mina May - Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

From their different journeys towards other lands, the muscians of Mina May have conserved their taste for travel. After spending a year in Canada ( in particular a concert with SUUNS ) then a notable return for the MIDI festival 2011, these outsize globe-trotters claim and assume influences which could well constitute the ideal discotheque for the demanding music lover,from Nina Simone to Can through Brenda Lee and Pink Floyd.

So?Mash! - On my own

So?mash!, a hip pop electro soul duo, brings an air of freshness with their formula: micro samples, breaks and beats harmonized by Sorhum, all enfolded by the haunting voice of Mash Puppit, drifting between flow and melody.