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Adrien Moignard: Between Clouds, released on October 29th

His recent duet album with Rocky Cresset earned him widespread admiration of all the press. Adrien is compared to masters such as Bireli Lagrene and Sylvain Luc.

Between Clouds is the second album released under his name, with his band. Surrounded by his friends - Benoît Convert (guitar), Jérôme Regard (bass), Xavier Sanchez (on percussion) - Adrien Moignard interprets in a rich directory which represents the spectrum of musical influences (Marvin Gaye, Django, Stevie Wonder, Hendrix and Brad Mehldau).

 "I really enjoyed recording this album," he said.
That means, you can feel it and the listening pleasure is even more shared.

Label : Dreyfus Jazz / BMG

Recorded by Nicolas Baillard at Studio de la Buissonne
Mixed by Jean-Paul Gonnod at Studio de la Reine

Mastered by François Fanelli in the mastering studio Sonics Mastering