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Beatiho is the provencal term used to describe those 'Boxes of Piety' prepared by the contemplative nuns in the covents of Provence in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Their social or religious utilisation was mostly domestic : in the home, they served as a pious support before which one prayed.

Beatiho is also the title of the album recorded by Guylaine Renaud, a southern french singer & ethnoartiste, and Beñat Achiary, a basque soloist and improvisor accompanied on this occasion by Gérard Siracusa on the battery and Dominique Regef on the hardy-gurdy, cello and dilruba.

Presented in 2010 at the Festival Les Suds at Arles, this creation is inspired by these objects of devotion and places in resonance the writing of two great mystic poetes - John of the Cross and Theresa of Ávila - and the fabulous collection of 'béatilles' in the Museon Arlaten, of which the exceptional character is enlightened by a text of Dominique Séréna-Allier and Alain Girard.

Actes Sud Editions - Sound and Mixing by Thibault Verdron

Mastered by François Fanelli in the studio Sonics Mastering