Black Moth Cult "The Fountain Of Tantric Worship"

Published on April 04, 2013

This may be the first band we've featured from the French Riviera, but if there are other bands in that area that are killing it like Black Moth Cult, it surely won't be our last.   Black Moth Cult takes a little bit of Swedish Stoner, Desert Fuzz and Grunge to create an awesome sonic stew that winds up sounding completely original.

The opening track  "Black Moth Cult" sounds a lot like Dozer mostly due to the vocals courtesy of Timothey Gelly.   The song's fuzzy groove and smokin guitar solo provide a solid blueprint of the rest of the album to come.   "Sheer Dropping Suns" is a heavy straight-forward rock track that recalls UPO.  A great driving tune.  Things get a little ramped up on "Redwitch", with a pace on par with QOTSA's "Medication".  The song also features some of the best vocals on the album.   The trippy "From The Woods" brings to mind the Swedish stoner rock references.  It just has that Dozer/Mammoth Volume vibe to it.   On "Rain In Savannah" the band finds an awesome groove and stays locked into it for the duration.  Again, the vocals bring the song over the top.  The STP sounding "Six Love Goddesses" is one of the best tracks on the album.   Great riff and great harmonies.   "Scum Sculpture" slams like there is no tomorrow.  The song sounds like it could come off any of the Greenleaf albums.  Another candidate for best track on the album.  "Vintage Wines" is the album's closer.  A chilling atmospheric number, that has a little bit of a solo Mike Ness sound to it.    The album is an amazing debut and is a must listen for fans of the genre, especially of Dozer and Greenleaf.

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The Foutain of Tantric Worship was recorded at the Coxinhell Studio (St Aygulf) in the Summer of 2011. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Anthony Belguise
released 02 March 2013
Vocals, crushed glass bag & hammer - Timothey Gelly
Guitar - Alexandre Baille
Bass - Nicolas Morsard
Drums - Quentin Gullo
Producer, Engineer, Mixing & piano - Anthony Belguise
Engineer & Mixing Assistant - Sebastien Gros
Mastering - François Fanelli at the Sonics Mastering Studio
Double bass - Marion Ruault
Illustrations - Coven Illustrations

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