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CHINESE MAN Live at la Cigale

Past 2 years, the Chinese Man armed with his fonky vinyls and its supersonic bass left spread Zen Spirit around the globe with his amazing live show! Hong Kong to Bogota, from Eurockéennes de Belfort to Festival des Vieilles Charrues. High Ku, Sly, Zé Mateo and VJ Tot did stir the booty of the many Chinese Man disciples!

They took the opportunity to install their flycases at La Cigale in April 2012 and invited Taiwan MC, Youthstar, Mr Raf trombone and South African rapper Tumi to join them on stage at this amazing show! A CD - DVD with shimmering graphics from Julien 'Ouikid' Lois!


CHINESE MAN - Live à la Cigale - CD + DVD

Tracklisting - CD Audio live :chinese-man-live-la-cigale-preview-cd-dvd

1 - One Past – feat Mr Raf
2 - If you Groove
3 - Get Up – feat Tumi
4 - Ta Bom – feat Tumi - Mr Raf - Taiwan MC
5 - Miss Chang – feat Taiwan MC
6 - Skank in the Air – feat. Taiwan MC
7 - Artichaut – feat. Mr Raf
8 - Racing with the Sun
9 - In my Room – feat. Taiwan MC / YouthStar
10 - Ayoyo
11 - Jumpin in Havana – feat. Tumi
12 - I've got that Tune – feat. Tumi / Taiwan MC / Youthstar

Tracklisting - DVD video live :

  • The full CD audio video + 4 bonus tracks! More 1h30mn Live Video
  • Documentary unreleased "Chinese Man Racing with" diving into the world of Chinese Man Group and independent label Chinese Man Records
  • Bonus and other puns

Capture and mix : Papa John

Mastered by François Fanelli in the mastering studio Sonics Mastering