David Chevallier - Standards and Avatars

David Chevallier - Standards et Avatars

Published on January 19, 2015

Release date : 2015/02/24
Distribution : Harmonia Mundi



Titles :

  1. The Man I love (George Gershwin) / ... is actually a woman ! (David Chevallier)
  2. Solar (Miles Davis) / or Solaris ? (David Chevallier)
  3. Alone together (Arthur Schwartz) / Have you ever been alone ? (David Chevallier) (dedicated to John Taylor)
  4. You & the night & the music (Arthur Schwartz) / Into my labyrinth (David Chevallier)
  5. I love you Porgy (George Gershwin)
  6. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)
  7. You don’t know what love is (Gene de Paul) / Oh yes, I do ! (David Chevallier)
  8. The way you look tonight (Jerome Kern)
  9. Strange Fruit (Abel Meeropol)
  10. What is this thing called love ? (Cole Porter) / Don’t talk to me about love (David Chevallier)

Presentation :
David Chevallier Electric guitar
Sébastien Boisseau Bass
Christophe Lavergne Drum

Standards & Avatars is not a return to source. Although Jazz has always been present in my different projects - Often in the forefront, sometimes hidden in the framework – Up to now I have usually explored the possibilities to bring about an exchange between this music and others, like chamber music, pop or baroque. Because for me, Jazz is not so much a well defined idiom as a way to play music, with liberty and inventiveness.

But after all those years devoted to these stylistic mixtures, I realized that I had never conceived a program dedicated to what is one of the formations of Jazz : the famous standards, interpreted, recorded by the greatest a common language which allows one to play also with unknown artistes, when the occasion arrises. Of course to be coherent in my artistic procedures, these melodies are seen through my own personal prism, each song stimulating my imagination in its own way. Finally the procedure remains the same, If I attack a Gesualdo madrigal, a Beatles hit, an air of Dowland, or a Cole Porter song (for in the outset it is a question of songs) : something indefinable sets off the process of transfiguration, the creation of the avatar.

Moreover, the idea of finding for this program, a basic instrumentation and immediatly effective was essential to me. I therefore put aside my other companions which are the theorbo, the banjo or the guitar 12 cords, to concentrate on the electric guitar. And then there's the pleasure of the small formation : the dazzlingspeed it permits, the easy circulation of exchanges which it favours. With partners like Sébastien Boisseau et Christophe Lavergne, the conversation is made in all directions : their swing, their ear, their inventiveness, are amazingly stimulating. It's a rare pleasure to play with them. No, Standards & Avatars is not a return to source. For me it's a re-creation.

David Chevallier

Recordings at studios Alhambra – Colbert (Rochefort) in April 2014 by Sylvain Thevenard
Mixing : Sylvain Thevenard
Mastering : François Fanelli, Sonics Mastering

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