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Defaced - Dark Planets

Defaced - Dark Planets

Defaced is a French modern metal Instrumental band, created in 2012. Defaced mixes some djenty Periphery and Meshuggah influences with thrashy riffs and atmospherical Devin Townsend-like ambiances, to create their "metal space music".
They released their first EP Assisted Life in 2012, which was followed by a clip. They played with several well-known French metal bands such as Kells, In Arkadia, Elyose or Ivalys.
Their fist autoproduced album, Dark Planets, is about to come out under the support of the French Label Send the Wood Music.

Mixing : Pablo San Martin , Esoteric Sound Studio , Boston , USA
Mastering : FrançoisFanelli, Sonics Mastering