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Dom La Nena - Ela

A FIRST ALBUM "ELA" coming out - 15th JANUARY 2013 in USA/Canada - 18th February 2013 in Europe - on Six Degrees Records!

The francophile brazilian singer and cellist Dominique Pinto, aka Dom La Nena, accompanied Jane Birkin, Camille, Sophie Hunger, Coming Soon, Étienne Daho, Rosemay Moriarty and Piers Faccini with whom she recorded her first album . A favorite, intimate treasure of folk songs tender and portuguese, which leaves a large scope for choirs and acoustic arrangements unusual and elegant. At 23, already world class. Ela (Six Degrees / Universal), released on February 18th.

Sources : © Les Inrocks -

Produced by Piers Faccini & Dom La Nena
Mixed by Patrick Jauneaud
Mastered by Sonics Mastering by François Fanelli

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