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Dress Code - Far Away

"Far Away is an appropriate title for this first opus of the Dress Code Quintet. From the first notes, the band creates a wonderful universe of sound which evoques new impressions and visions, in the faraway.

Beautifully, tenor saxophone and trumpet weave melodies almost hypnotic as the rythmic section impulse a movement sometimes dynamic and supported, sometimes subtle and myterious. The solists are at the same time virtuoso, expressive and elegant, and the interaction between musicians is a real dialogue. The abundance of vivid detail makes perfect sense in the refreshing approach to the space which structures the variey of the textures of the group. Far Away is a pleasant and surprising adventure with each listenning... Enjoy it!"

Chris Cheek, New York 2011

Olivier Laisney, trumpet
Yacine Boularès, saxophone
Ben Rando, piano
Simon Tailleu, contrebase
Cédrick Bec, drums


Mastered by François Fanelli in the studio Sonics Mastering