Sonoris DDP Player

We are pleased to offer our customers a DDP reader that you can download directly on this website for free. Sonics Mastering provides you a simple et efficient way to listen files that we are sending to you.

Download the DDP Player to listen to your master and burn directly your CD. A licence key to activate this software will be sent to you via email.

download-sonoris-ddp-player-for-mac download-sonoris-ddp-player-for-windows
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How long does it take to master a title? an album?

If all elements are in our possession, a title is mastered in about one hour and an complete album can be realised in one day.
But be careful to take into account the time between the booking date and the completion of your project (allow 6 working days in general)

Online Mastering

We offer the possibility to transfer safely your audio files via internet for mastering.
We can also transfer mastered files, an image CD or an image DDP for listening and approval.
After your approval, an image CD or a DDP can be sent to you, or directly to the duplication factory.

What is a DDP Master?

The DDP Mastering is the same process as a CD Mastering but, instead of burning the disc image on a ready for use CD, it is recorded on a support like data DVD or data CD. The difference with a classic CD, this DDP image can be replayed and verified and thus be directly used by the machine that manufactures the Glass Master at the duplication factory. It's the only system for Professional Mastering to send a Master that is verified without any error.