Jazzdor Series - Magique

Jazzdor Series - Magique

Published on March 01, 2015

Denis Charolles (dms, perc, objects), Maggie Nicols (voc), David Chevallier (g, banjo)
Label / Distribution : Jazzdor Series

Published in Jazzdor Series (in coproduction with label Ouïe) the album "Magique" of Denis Charolles/Maggie Nicols/David Chevallier is "Elu Citizen Jazz" ! 4 stars JAZZMAG

For its second release, the recent label of the European Jazzdor festival called upon three enchanters to make the cauldron bubble, those of the Kesselhaus of Berlin. The formula is new, but it is straight away essential as one of the antique types found amongst the half effaced runes. On one side, two wizards fron the Rouenish Crucible, guitarist David Chevallier on the other the percussionist Denis Charolles. On the other a second third of Diaboliques, after the first album of Jazzdor series dedicated to Joëlle Léandre the singer Maggie Nicols comes to add spice to the boiling potion of these two pyromaniacs, accomplices of long date.

All begins with an incantation in a strange language almost disturbing, poured out in sprechgesang on a jumping bongo. The charm works immediately. From this limping country music there is extracted a mutant version of Dylan's "Time They're A Changin'" where a slide guitar placed with the drums adds to the banjo. Trademark of inventor Charolles, who multiplies tricks and manipulations of objects, when he's not playing the trombone, to bring out Nicols' rugged voice. She is amused by this perpetual mouvement between the universes of the souvenirs of the solists. In this way, after a "Dynamite Dream" written - and murmured - by her accompanied by the fragile dance of the classical guitar, the trio enters into Brassens "Philistins", which call to mind the Étrangers familliers. Maggie Nicols delicious british accent seems to be born of the knocking of Charolles' stones, which accompanies it wirh a caustic rumbling. It is indisputably the poetic summit of this encounter ; but far from being the only great moment, as shown in "To C From C", signed by the guitarist.

Each title springing from this concert is a miniature landscape determided by the trio. As Chevallier with his Is That Pop Music ?!?, which invested in pop culture, the partners jump form one song to another to better make a clean sweep or to only keep a few agregates: a feverish and urgent soul at the heart of Otis Redding "I've Been Loving You Too Long" where the husky timbre of the guitar draws from Nicols' throat the fleeting phantom of Janis Joplin. It's in the long repeat of "Superstition", Stevie Monder inter planetary hymme that the magic produces its most explosive effect. The result, abrasive and serpentine, allows each solist to take over the piece in turn and with a solid sense of humour. The colorist approach of the theme by Charolles holds back for a time Chevallier's fury, the guitarist recalls that this version owes as much to Jeff Beck as the original. The piece is there entire but spread out as a puzzle and rejoined as desired in esoteric sentences. An instant potion to taste without philtre.

Written by Franpi Barriaux // Published on 2014, december 8th

Mastered by François Fanelli au Studio Sonics Mastering

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