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JUL "Dans ma Paranoia" certified gold record!

Jul - Dans ma paranoïa

Jul from Marseille also called Jul Lacrizeomicmek achieves , in 2014 , the feat of spending from Rap underground to the light of top bestsellers albums. Prior to february 2014 , and the release of his first album , Jul is best known locally and on in the internet . On online video platforms, clips of his songs combine millions of views and his facebook fan page counts more than forty thousand followers.

Masive interest caused by a new generation of Rap terribly effective and violent. Jul becomes a real phenomenon with his albums "Dans Ma Paranoïa" which his found in the seventh top albums positions shortly after its release. Supported by the Liga One Industry label and his friends Khalif Hardcore, Kamikaze et Soso Maness, Jul managed to sell ten thousand copies of his first album, in a record time, given the lack of media support he has. The songs « Dans Ma Paranoïa » and « Tu la love » have the honors of rank titles.

The Marseille phenomenon, Jul, confirms his success with his album as it has just been certified gold record, with fifty thousand digital and physical sales in less than two months.

Mixed by Jean-Pierre Dréau (studio C Voice, Paris) and TheDress Maker , Nicolas Romano (Marseille)

Mastered by François Fanelli in Sonics Mastering Studio (Marseille)

©Copyright 2014 Music Story François Alvarez