KAIROS - Khalil Chahine new album release on september 2013

Published on November 20, 2013

As Youssef Chahine, the famous film-maker and name-sake , Khalil Chahine is Egyptian. Hardened Guitar player and Composer who accompanied Jacques Dutronc and who composed many movies' soundtracks, among which «Venus beauty» and «Monsieur Batignole», Khalil Chahine presents us his latest CD "Kairos, le temps ressenti".

For this project in which he plays guitar, mandoline and harmonica, Khalil Chahine is accompanied on the keyboards by Frédéric Gaillardet, on the bass by Kevin Reveyrand, on the saxophones by Eric Seva, on drums by Nicolas Filiatreau and on certain tracks accompanied by Sydney Thiam on percussions.
Elegant compositions which assert an unfailing know-how as arranger follow on another on this disc , on 'Live' recordings conditions at the studio « La Fabrique » in Saint Rémy de Provence , this shows without doubt the sensation of freshness felt from the first notes of « Kairos ».
Eric Seva brings with his saxophones an impecable and ressourceful contribution to the melodies on all the enthousiastic tracks that composes the album.
«We can feel a real pleasure when we play all together , when the subject is awesome musicians aren't deceived!»
The joyful notes of Frédéric Guillardet on the piano and on the Rhodes, the kean drum of Nicolas Filiatreau melted to the bass of Kevin Reveyrand and the great presence of Sydney Thiam on percusions, renders an outstanding and rare mixture.
After several times listening to the album, you can feel the harmony and the fullness emanates from this fantastic project .
Once again, an enthousiastic chronicle but, for now, albums coming out this september 2013 are full of little treasures, it's disquieting « Kairos » is one of them!

Recorded at the studio la Fabrique in St Remy de Provence by Hervé le Guil
Mixed by Patrick Jauneaud and Hervé le Guil
Mastered in the studio Sonics Mastering by François Fanelli


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