Published on June 21, 2012

Music fans, it's on the way! 13 years after "Blue Print", my new album is finally ready... Yes, I know, it was long! But what do you expect? Perfectionism or quibble, I am one of the meticulous craftsmen that " a hundred times on the job submit their work...". Would you have asked Beethoven to speed up his ninth before christmas? ( I am a bit boastful, is it not? )


They retort that the news does not wait, as the modes and the « Hype » are fickle and versatile… Well actually, I'm not the «  trip-hop kleenex » or « electro disponable »! One of the greatest compliments that I have received on my first album is that you can listen to it again and again for years and discover the subtleties which went unnoticed on first listening… Like when we discover a detail in a Velasquez we saw a hundred times… ( There, I've gone off my rocker! )

This raises the big question: «  In what style do we classify this timeless album? »

I was told about « Blue Print » that it was the first «  Lounge » album. I was very flattered that a new style had been invented just for me! That said «  Lounge » CD shelf did not exist at the time, and this album found itself, ( who knows why…), in french hip-hop shelf where it had caused confusion in the minds!
After searching the meaning of «  Lounge » in my dico english-french, I have to translate it by « Sofa Music ». It's like music from the supermarket or elevator but classier : Hotel lobby type of music, minimum 4 stars! Returning to our couch, or rather to the divan… We could call it the « Divan-two-three » . Not bad, that slams!

On the contrary on the level of music quotas, it seems to be good: I'm inspired by all World Music, and I can affirm that it cohabits and speaks in total harmony! And it reassures in a time of exclusion and walls of separation : All sounds are welcome with or without identify papers!

No, seriously, this album is totally unclassifiable: Ethnic-trip-hop, world-lounge, electro-roots, oriental-dub, chaabi-break-beat, folk tribal, trance-atlantis… But I digress, listen and if you find the last style, let me know! That said, good advice for record store: Play the element of surprise, put it in all the 'CDs shelf'!

Oh I forgot … Why « KHEPER » ?

Excellent question ! I studied ancient Egyptian and hieroglyphics for 8 years ( mytho ! ) and here is my answer: Follow the sacred scarab in its endless race across the skies… Then take the words « metamorphosis », « cycle », « existence » and form a verb! Easy, no ?

One last detail : KHEPER is only the first volume. The second is being prepared and for it no problems to say which style it is: This is Dub! There you are, and if you are told «  Imhotep fell asleep on his laurels », say: «  Not at all, he put them in the sauce! »



Mastered at studio Sonics Mastering by François Fanelli


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