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Magic Malik new album "Tranz Denied" in September

Magik Malik - Tranz Denied

Great French flutist Malik Mezzadri aka Magic Malik is one of those musicians constantly looking for new musical experiences. Besides jazz and Magic Malik Orchestra, his experimental albums XP, the multi-instrumentalist has worked with Julien Lourau and his Groove Band, Steve Coleman, Laurent Garnier, Saint Germain, Bumcello, Camille, Pierrick Pedron, Aka Moon, Booster, Air Oumou Sangare, Anthony Joseph and Meshell Ndegeocello..

The album "Tranz Denied" musical UFO designed entirely in the studio in 5 days spontaneously which certain words ("Shibuya Memories" in false Japanese "EZ.COM") have been written during the recordings. The project was born in the Music Festival of Jazz in 2011 during which Magic Malik, Gilbert Nouno, DJ Oil and drummer Hubert Motteau collaborated on stage and recorded this haunting work, sometimes hallucinating that sails between contemporary music, electro, pop and jazz.

Magic Malik new album "Tranz Denied" September 12 © BEEJAZZ

Magic Malik, voice, flute, keyboards, senza
DJ Oil, laptop & electronics
Gilbert Nouno, laptop & electronics
Hubert Motteau, battery
Denis Guivarc'h, saxophone
Frauke Aulbert, voice