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Martin Mey - Never Go Down

Pochette de Never Go Down - Martin Mey

Martin Mey likes trippy and entrancing musics, the deepness of a piano and the acoustics of a folk guitar… But he is incessantly drawn by his bad acquaintances towards tempestuous horizons, as much by the strength of the rythmics as by the distorsions of the sounds. Working a long time on his own, but always open to eclectics collaborations as soon as there are opportunities (the latest examples : the creation of a show for a young public with the belgium architects of Lab[au] and an Extended Play, published by the australian label Future Classic, featuring with the young producer of electro 123MRK), he thus called on the drummer Laurent Tamagno (a member of the duo Hannah, collaborator of M83, Danton Eeprom…) to accompany him on stage. With this duo, travelling in concert, between an acoustic and intimist universe and the powerful rythmics typical of black music ; the delicate arrangements of Laurent bring into evidence, in various shades, the special richness of the work of composition of Martin, on piano, the guitare and on his loop machines.


4 titles recorded in Marseille in the NASSER studio, with Simon Henner at the sound recording : ambiances of analogic keyboards, the pur charme of folk guitar accords and powerful vintage…

Never Go Down, the single, as the entire disc, puts anguish in the past. With an evident sense of entrancing melodies, and the openness of the heart, Martin Mey moves with ease between the types and atmospheres sonorous, pop songs dark and suggestive towards arial balades, like as many visites to suspended gardens. The titles Snowing on School Days, They Won’t Come Around and Elephant transport us, one by one, towards vast pleasures, changing and unknown.

Enriching the contribution and rythmic power of Laurent Tamagno, the turbulent dimension of Martin Mey project aquires a rare and balanced force. Martin Mey finds, through the appearances, the veritable unity of emotions and surpasses the everyday mundanity. Such is the allure which his quest takes : that of a gold digger.


Masterised at Sonics Mastering studio by François Fanelli