Miss Ketty - You can dance

Published on January 09, 2012

With her career course the first French Djette may need no presentations... In spring 2011, Miss Ketty opens a new production house keenly awaited on Hypertraxx records "You can dance" with the voice of Chynna Paige (who worked with David Guetta & Téo Moss among others)

Miss Ketty, DJ, Producer, Remixer, Performer.

Born in the world of night-life and fête, at 15 Miss Ketty obtains the second place in the Championnat de France of DJ. This experience directed the destiny of MK and marks the beginning of an adventure which will never wane... The trademarks Pepsi, Bacardi and Nightlife engage her for successive tours.

From the east of France, she crosses frontiers and performs in the most prestigious club of St Tropez, Paris, London, Ibiza, Miami, Switzerland, Tunisia, Romania, Poland, Algery, Morocco, Russia... Her talent and constancy draw her propositions of partnership form the magazines "Ecler DJ Division" and "Sono Mag" followed by Underground DJ Radio of which she becomes a weekly resident.

M.K. is also a voice parallel with DJ Work she works on her performance as singer and MC. Sometime she even enriches her sets by playing a musical instrument, a complete artist, it's as producter that MK creates her first titles : "2 Hot 4 U" featuring Mackee Johnson (singer with the group T-connection) "Don't you wand my love" (Medusa / Dustin Music) in 2004 with the collaboration of the DJ Fow, followed by "Electro Choc" (Moné Music) in 2006. Resident at Sexy Radio and Hotmix Radio, the mixes of MK ar also present in Podcast Set Up artists.

Her extensive experience grants her the perfect command of the dancefloor, to which she cleverly communicates her energy and her house electro musical universe...

Today MK returns to production with brio with a title classed 9th in the DJ Buzz Chart "You can leave your hat on" which came out this autumn on Hypertraxx Records, remixed among others by Dan D-Noy (Daniel Desnoyers) the most well-known canadian DJ. MK is also preparing the release of a new single co-produced with John Modena.

From November 3rd you'll find MK on deck in Anthony Kavanagh's new program "Nous avons les images" broadcast every month in prime time on Comédie Channel.


Mastered by François Fanelli in the studio Sonics Mastering

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