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MOIGNARD - GRESSET : Entre Actes, released on july 2nd

Each, according to his temperament, lands and find his bearings: roundness and harmony supported by the warmth of nylon cord for Rocky, a pleasant blend of sharpness and subtlety enhanced by the brillance of the steel cord for Adrien.


Their treatment of the standards the most « charged » (« Bluesette », «Misty », « My Funny Valentine »…) landmarked by the freshness of their inspiration as by the sureness of their instinct.

As for the originality of the thematic palette, as well as a pronounced and shared taste for melody (wether they are specially due to Luis Salinas, Aldo Romano, or the Bee Gees), it testifies at least their breadth of vision , as well as their openmindedness.
Masterful and clear.

Label : Disques Dreyfus Jazz

Mastered at studio Sonics Mastering by François Fanelli