Upmarket Equipment

vignette-matosOur studio brings you top-of-the-range gear to suit any particuliar specification of mastering.

We choose our well-tested gear selectively among the best upmarket analogic tools, modified to suit all particuliar specifications of mastering, and high-fidelity digital hardware.

dCS & Forssell Technologies Converters, SONTEC 482D7 equalizer designed by Burgess MacNealEsoteric Audio Research Equalizer modified by Tim de Paravicini ; EQ Neumann modified by Matthias Flache @ VintageCity ; Compressors, EQ, audio digital interface and  sample rates converters Weiss, Crane Song, TC Electronics System 6000, Magix Sequoïa Workstation V11 and tape recorder Ampex ATR-102 ½" Flux Magnetics mastering reading head, fully restored and modified by Mike Spitz ATR Services

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