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Radio Babel Marseille : Winner 2013 of the Sacem-Trenet prize

Covers - vers des docks et des quais de Radio Babel Marseille

This vocal combo gathers together 5 artists-singers from differents musical worlds (world music, contemporary poetry, hip-hop vocal...).

Radio Babel Marseille

Radio Babel Marseille cappella groove their original compositions which is carried along, in part, by the poetry of Louis Brauquier, poet and navigator, from Marseille. The world of travel and sharing sung by the band is here carried away by a beat-box, melodies and world rythms mixture. Five voices, five different and complementary worlds, merging into a music about travel, meeting and sharing. The capture of the musicalilty of the world transmitted by the strength of multilingual lyrics (french, provençal, arab, greek, swahili, spanish...). Radio Babel Marseille place themselves under the influence of the poet from Marseille Louis Brauquier " All the powers of the world are there. In the maritime city where the multiplied races land, burn and pass ". He also offers some personal compositions (music and texts) with themes form other places. A poetic and musical encounter around our Babel Marseille.

Sound recording and mixing: Bernard Menu from studio 26B, Marseille

Mastering: François fanelli from Sonics Mastering studio, Marseille

Production: Piment Rouge Production