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Stéphane Fernandez - Nando

La Case Productions - 2012-08-05

Album : NANDO
Composer : Stéphane Fernandez
Recorded between Noumea ; Stephane Hervé (Mister Gang), Paris ; Christophe Sarlin (Studio du Regard,Papa Wemba) et Madrid ; Christian Dominguez (Gotan Project), mixé en Nouvelle-Calédonie (Black River Studio)

Mastered by François Fanelli in the mastering studio Sonics Mastering


stephane-fernandez-nando-2012An album with Latin sounds, jazzy, with some of the best musicians on the planet for this production coming from the South Pacific (New-Caledonia).

The melodies are lilting, and are perfectly accompanied by the steel drums of Andy Narell, the pianos of Mario Canonge and Vincent Bidal… For the Rythmic, electric bass is provided by Linley Marthe, and for the batteries, each in turn we have Jean-Philippe Fanfant, Chander Sardjoe, Mokhtar and Reda Samba. Joined to this we have three duets, perfectly minimalists, the first with Andy Narell, the second with JuanJo Mosalini (ex-Gotan Project) and the last with Christian Toucas (Trio Vasco, Elbasan).

Finally, an album to listen to tranquilly, and focuses primarily on the musical compositions and arrangements.

Good listening,

La Case Productions