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Usthiax - MMXI

Amazing route which this boy from Manosque (South east of France) choose to follow. In turn lumberjack, farm laborer, graduate in Modern Literature, student in Arabic, supervisor in a boarding school, with roles in Marseille opera and TV series "Plus belle la vie"... Also a black belt in judo, USTHIAX is above all a musician, songwriter and singer.

Discovered on model by CharlElie COUTURE who took him under his wing from the start, Usthiax really took off with the release of his third album, produced by Rodolphe Burger. He made several first acts: Jean-Louis Murat, RAPHAEL, MORIARTY, Emily usthiaxLOIZEAU but especially Dick ANNEGARN of whom he was a fan since a toddler. Meeting him on the set of Isabelle DHORDAIN in french radio program "PONT DES ARTISTES" made a deep impression. In fact he spent some days in his place, cutting wood, making music and transforming the world.

The launching of this fourth album is again the result of a meeting, because the francophone Usthiax folk has been electrocuted by Simon HENNER from the group NASSER. The result is a dazzling electro-pop album, the melodies are inspired and really welcome !

Usthiax has quietly made a name. The time has come for recognition...

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Mastered by François Fanelli in the mastering studio Sonics Mastering