Western Hip-Hop

« Western Hip-Hop » (Album) Released on OCTOBER 2013

Published on August 27, 2013

A stateless musician. That's what Rit. Since its inception, the one-man band from Marseille is caracterized by an almost fierce desire to combine a multitude of styles without ever sticking to one of them. Some would say that this is a severe lack of artistic balance, overt signs of an identity which is struggling to build itself. Others will see instead a slow but visible change on each new record...

evidence of a turbulant temperament that can not help but go against what the medias always expect from an artist: settling down in a style easily labeled. Under the benevolant climate of La Réunion, inside his "home made" studio and guided by a dry and bright bluegrass, Rit has harnessed his bric-a-brac sound to the heights of a galvanizing hip-hop. Here, on these stimulating lands with galvanizing relief, this "human quintet" made a lush Western Hip-Hop, unhibited and full of contrasts. In the end? A real floodlit trip in which the artist finds a breezy verve. And where no one need 3D glasses to appreciate the depth of field.


Far from his first pastoral and bucolic ballades, where a good-natured reggae flirting with a shy and woody accoustic folk, Rit plays his electric guitar with such unbridled radicalism that may surprise the discerning fan. But in doing so, and aiming as well as to G. Love, Beck, Robert Johnson or MC Solaar in his beginning, the musician proves again that he pulls dextrously on its six strings. From the animal ripples of a wild bass guitar (A qui profite le crime) to a frivolous banjo tuning lovingly with the harmonica, the babble of Rit also becomes more flexible, writting less downy lyrics than usual. (chien de garde) The result, an album joyously anarchic where one crosses (no less) Henry Fonda, Homer Simpson, Bip or Terence Hill. An album where you find impartially irony, cynicism and black humor: at a time when disillusionment is king, this probably explains that... Without tongue in cheek, Rit questions as much the mechanics of a rusty star system that seeks to recycle without success, the same formulas as of the generalities of a crisis permanently mediatized. Not to mention the hyprocrisy that is the heart of his target, Rit makes fun of himself (Rit vs. Riton) as in sad situations that society continues, absurdly to script (Café Clope).

His views, once sincere though naive, are actualized in this mash up sound which combines the philosophy of Robin Hood's arrows and Guignol's club. What is probably lacking in Rit is that iconoclastic nonchalance which would clothe him in a more rough manner his costume of modern wandering minstrel. The 'Human Quintet' acquires here a very pleasing schoolboy dimension and, in fact, finds the poetry that forges the strength of his album (Sans Tambour Ni Trompette) All the art of mastefully concocting a good rough sound for the vagabonds which we all are.


Production Super Records 2013
Lyrics, composition and arrangement by Rit , except 6 written by Rit in 1978
Recorded and realised by Rit between september 2011 and October 2012 at the « HommeMade Studio », La Réunion.
Mixing Julien Sayegh
Masterised at Sonics Mastering studio by François Fanelli



Rit: « homme Quintet »
Released on May 31st 2013

Production Super Records 2013
Live recording in La Cerise (La Réunion) on december 11th and 12th, in 'Human Quintet'
Realisation Hadrien Bels
Sound Recording and Mixing Olivier « Peak » Diguet
Technical assistant Mathieu Bastin
Masterised in the Sonics Mastering studio by François Fanelli



« Le Voleur De Sommeil »
(CD book for young audience)
Released on MARCH 20th 2013

Edition Acte Suds 2013
Production Super Records 2013
Lyrics, composition, interpretation and realisation by Rit
Recorded and Mixed by Rit at the « HommeMade Studio » La Réunion
Masterised at the Sonics Mastering studio by François Fanelli
Illustration Vincent Boudgourd

History: Nothing is going right in the village of insects. Cicada can't sleep. Ant think he knows the culprit, but to regain her sleep, she must go into the forest. Cicada can count on her best friends Cricket and Ant to accompany her in this venture where they make strange encounters, like this sad oak covered with debris or the too-bright fireflies. At last, they find themselves in front of the impressive Owl who steals sleep from the insects, so that he won't feel too lonely when night falls. Never mind, Owl could sing with Cricket, who can keep watch also. If, by chance, one finds some details of the life of insects, it's above all an album which reassures on bedtime and its mysteries. Both the author and the illustrator have found the right balance: a touch of fantasy, music punctuated with hints of folk and country, some funny drawings where views are varied. A quirky album which will make everyone agree when bedtime comes.

By AURÉLIA DURANDAL, Liragif Book Shop


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