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Yelli Yelli, association de bienfaiteurs

Cover of Yelli Yelli, association de bienfaiteurs

Yelli Yelli's songs are an ardent hommage to her mother who, when she was small got her to listen to traditional kabyle airs. Memories of a time when the little girl although not understanding the words was drawn by the songs, so mysterious, revealing through their melodies the rythms and in these rythms the emotion of a people body and soul. This first record which is composed of 4 titles is presented almost as a personal and introspective work. A sort of duty of memory in music, psychogenelogy in semi quaver, as if the family's memories should help to advance ; break the tabou of the unconscious transmission to manage to render it joyfully conscient - with the complicity of producer Piers Faccini who helped Yelli Yelli make the big leap forward... and this passes by a repeat of a song of Djamel Alam "Mared Youghal", in english "When he returns" which tells the story of a mother who awaits her son who left, drawn to a land of immigration.

Yelli Yelli EP
Mastering : François Fanelli at Sonics Mastering
label : Beating Drum / Tsunami-Addiction