Yves Rousseau Quartet - Akasha

Yves Rousseau Quartet - Akasha

Published on March 01, 2015

of Yves Rousseau Quartet "AKASHA" !!!!

Yves Rousseau bass, composition
Jean-Marc Larché saxophones alto and soprano
Régis Huby violins
Christophe Marguet drums

« Yves Rousseau is one of the leaders of the french and european jazz scene. Among his various activities, he has managed for more than ten years, as head of his quartet, a work of writing and improvisation at the outpost of jazz and new music styles. With an original orchestration that gives to this formation its so unsual sound. It unites 4 musicians with affirmed personnality in touch with various musics like jazz, of course, but also baroque music, song, without neglecting the major composers of the 20th centuary… The result is a wide variety of melodies, tempi, nuances, choices in the timbres and in the modes of play which have a single quality and aim to solicitate the publics imaginative.

After the programmes "Fées et Gestes" (2004 / Choc Jazzman) and "Sarsara" (2005 / Choc Le Monde de la Musique), the Yves Rousseau quartet continues their tour with their new repertory Akasha. It was performed for the first time this summer, in its concert version, at the Radio France Festival in Montpellier. »

Soundtaking and mixing : Sylvain Thevenard
Mastering : François Fanelli at Sonics Mastering
Label : Abalone Productions

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